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Sustainability at Z Hotels

San Francisco stands out as one of the greenest cities in North America, so at Z Hotels, our commitment to sustainability runs deep. Through our sustainability practices, we aim to make the most of the present with tomorrow in mind to take care of our employees, guests, and the earth.

Guest Services

Z Hotels’ Go-Green Program allows guests to customize linen exchange frequency and shares the hotel’s investment in this practice.

Waste Management

In a strong partnership with San Francisco-based company Recology, we participate in ongoing staff training to review best practices in recycling, resource recovery, and our zero-waste initiative.

Electricity Efficiency & Storage

Z Hotels uses a STEM system to save electricity on-site for later use. All hotel lighting has been updated to 100% LED-efficient light bulbs.

Water Conservation

Flow measurement water devices have been installed in all Z Hotels guest room showers and sinks to limit water waste and measure usage.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is woven into the mosaic fabric of our beliefs and culture. Z Hotels maintains a balance that contributes to economic development while improving the quality of life of the guests, employees, stakeholders, and the world community. The goal is to always be a positive force for good and to maintain an equilibrium between the business, the welfare of society, and the environment.